About Us

CCCPhotoOpHere at the CCC, we’re all about taking pictures and encouraging others in our community to both get out and shoot and to appreciate photography.

As a club, here are some of the things that we do:

  •  Hold informal meetings over lunch every Friday at noon at the Palisades Deli & Cafe located in the Calistoga Depot, 1458 Lincoln Ave. #1, Calistoga.  Participants sometimes bring photos to display or seek supportive critique.
  •  Present two community slide shows of our photographs each year.
  •  Organize occasional field trips for members.
  •  Display our photos in a number of shows around town.  Some members display their work in art galleries in Calistoga and beyond.
  • Participate in Calistoga’s Fourth of July events, the Christmas Tractor Parade, our Farmers’ Market, the Napa County Fair, and Calistoga Art Center events.




The CCC provides someone to talk to as you explore the world of photography. If you’re serious about improving your craft, we hope you will join us.  E-mail us at info@calistogacameraclub.net